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    10 oct, 12
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    bn Digital Juice Drag and Drop Series 3 Bundle

    Digital Juice Drag and Drop Series 3 Bundle
    a4VmtTw6D - Digital Juice Drag and Drop Series 3 Bundle
    Release Name: Digital Juice Drag & Drop Series 3 Bundle
    Type: Motion Graphics, Animation, Effects
    Release Date: August 20, 2014
    File Format: .djanimations (.mov)
    Resolution: 1920x1080

    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Drag & Drop Series 3 Includes 9 Sets:
    ? D&D Cloudy Daze (40+ Clips and Overlays): Touch The Sky For Timeless Allure. Enhance and enrich your footage with the mystery magic and romance of a cloud-filled sky.
    ? D&D Film Burns (60+ Clips and Overlays): Mimic Mistakes For Creative Serendipity. Amorphous lines of burning light cross your footage for a damaged, vintage look that evokes instant emotion and depth.
    ? D&D Glass Facets (40+ Clips and Overlays): Sharp Glints Of Glass Reflect Your Creativity. Focused light & linear glints bounce & beguile for a sharp, rich accent that displays your footage in a different light.
    ? D&D Lens Flair (40+ Clips and Overlays): Catch The Viewer's Eye & Prolong the Drama. Bring in a realistic flare of vibrant, wandering light to add a sparkling spotlight to your action.
    ? D&D Spark Sweeps (70+ Clips and Overlays): Set Your Project on Firi Just Light the Fuse. Sweeping arcs of sparkling, electric light add just the right mix of energy and excitement to any project.
    ? D&D Crystal Caustics (40+ Clips and Overlays): Sparkling Glints of Crystal Mystery. Focus your message with glints of crystal clarity pulled from the shifting depths of light on glass.
    ? D&D Party Time (40 Clips and Overlays): Be the Life of the Party & Take Center Stage. Add the sparkle, shine and energy of a dance party when you illuminate your footage with active light.
    ? D&D Paper Stops (40 Clips and Overlays): An Interesting Wrinkle Builds Textural Intrigue. Transform your footage and give it emotional & visual depth with the chaotic texture of crumpling paper.
    ? D&D Dynamic Edger (40 Clips and Overlays): Frame Your Footage with Edgy Style. A powerful edge of dynamic light-play focuses the action & frames your footage.

    ? Includes 9 Sets.
    ? More than 350 QuickTime Clips, Transitions and Overlays - Gives you the variety you need to find the perfect complement to your footage.
    ? Compatible with all Video Editing Software - All effects are Quicktime clips that will work with all editing and motion design software including Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Apple Motion and more.
    ? Simple to use - Nothing new to learn. Just drag to your timeline and apply a blend mode
    ? Resolution 1920x1080 FULL HD
    ? Requires No Plugins - No need to spend countless hours finding just the right settings, then waiting for renders.
    ? Works on both Mac and Windows
    ? Requires Juicer 3.90 and above
    i6pwWvkyz - Digital Juice Drag and Drop Series 3 Bundle

    Gboxes :
    Código: Click free download Icon :
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    27 jun, 12
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    buenpost - Digital Juice Drag and Drop Series 3 Bundle

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    12 sep, 15
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    Gracias por tus aportes amig@.
    Nombre animado Miguel Angel 06 - Digital Juice Drag and Drop Series 3 Bundle



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