BMW ETK (04.2013) With Price 2.0.95 (2013)

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BMW ETK (04.2013) With Price 2.0.95 (2013) | 4 GB

BMW ETK contains the whole range of parts offered-for-sale by BMW Group and is intended for facilitate the search for of necessary spare of parts (details of the car and motorcycle), of accessories and of accessories. To do this at your disposal a variety of search functions, such as searching by name, by part number, etc. In addition, the system offers detailed information on specific details, as well as the ability to create so-called parts list of found parts.
Installing BMW ETK:
1 The computer name must be in Latin.
2 Ports need to set 1027 and 1028 during the installation, in the lower fields will already be 2024 and 2025.
3 server addresses blank.
4 Catalogue of RR is set if a password oxford12.
5 Market choose Eastern Europe.
6 Company and business partner ID 1 and 1 (in both fields).
Installing the from a DVD or virtual disk with the loaded


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